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Why Agile Business Model Innovation?

Most organizations struggle to make innovation a scalable process. You’re likely running a range of innovation initiatives -- Lean Startup, Agile product development, Design Thinking, idea competitions, startup incubators -- and finding that none deliver consistent results.

You’re not alone:
  • Over 70% of companies in the Fortune 1000 will fall off the list in the next 10 years
  • The average lifespan of an S&P 500 company is less than 20 years, down from 60 years in the 1950s
  • R&D returns have declined 65% over the past 30 years
True innovation is hard:
  • 95% of startups fail
  • 80% of venture capital firms don’t beat market returns
  • Top accelerators have see <1% success rate in delivering unicorns to market ($1B valuation startups)

As with any business process, you need to have a structured, scalable approach. AgileBMI offers a complete solution - from your first efforts all the way to transforming your organization:

  • People: How do you select innovation team members and mentors, and how do you structure the innovation leadership team?
  • Process/Metrics: What are the innovation team phases and timeline, and the overall organizational -transformation phases and timeline. What are the metrics that measure progress/success by team, and across all teams.
  • Content/Platform: What do participants need to learn and do throughout the process, how do you ensure they’re doing it effectively, and how do you manage the entire innovation portfolio.
  • Culture: How do you prepare and educate the organization for this new innovation program, and how do you reintegrate innovation teams and the overall program into the organization’s innovation efforts going forward.

Learn  more about how Bosch is leveraging AgileBMI to transform their approach to innovation and get products and services with innovative new business models to market globally.



The Benefits of Agile Business Model Innovation  

  1. No One Can Pick Winners. You need to test a lot of ideas.
  2. Our end-to-end process ensures you deliver winners -- multiple $100m+ new lines of business. Lean Startup isn’t enough. Design Thinking isn’t enough
  3. AgileBMI runs alongside your traditional product development process
  4. It’s a process your employees can run every day - repeatable, scalable and metrics-driven.
  5. Your new product development and innovation process will run better, faster, cheaper and at scale.
  6. We run the largest innovation ecosystems in the world. No one has more experience. We can get you started today.



Major Organizations Use AgileBMI Globally

We want to help our teams to accelerate testing their ideas to understand if they have a viable, scalable business model. We, as an organization, want to learn how to systematically find these (opportunities).

Manav Subodh, General Manager, Asia Region, Hypershift
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Executives from leading companies have been through our Agile training programs.

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If you’re new to the concepts of Lean, Agile, and Business Model Innovation, we offer a range of content and services to orient you to the concepts, benefits and ROI of AgileBMI, and offer guidance around best practices for introducing AgileBMI into your organization.

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If you’re familiar with today’s innovation concepts, but aren’t seeing the results you expect with your current programs, we offer a range of content and services plus our AgileBMI platform, to get your organization started with an initial set of innovation teams, and eventually scale across your entire organization.

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If you’re looking for an innovation program that can scale to the needs of any size organization, we offer a tailored program that can start with a small set of innovation teams and quickly grow organization-wide, transforming your organization into an innovation factory.

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