A data-driven approach to running 

innovation programs that reliably

delivers successful outcomes



We help companies reliably transform innovation to revenue.   If your organization is considering questions such as:

  • How do we stop overinvesting in bad ideas?
  • How do make decision-making around new business lines more objective and consistent?
  • How do we get more out of our innovation program?
  • How do we get our innovation program to be more responsive to market changes?
  • How do we get our innovation program to reliably deliver?
  • How do we benchmark our innovation program against our competitors?

...then our Platform for Innovation Performance Management is for you. 

Our IPM Platform enables companies to bring more successful new lines of business to market with greater efficiency, through delivery of a systematic, metrics-based process and approach to managing internal innovation programs.

This approach allows companies to evaluate with systematic efficiency which projects to stop and which to continue... allowing innovation divisions to bring the winning ideas reliably to market, with fully validated business plans and ready for launch.  Companies using our product have been able to scale their innovation teams, evaluating more ideas in less time, responding to the market with greater agility and increasing contribution to corporate performance. 



Platform for Innovation Performance Management

Our core platform delivers a metrics-driven Agile Business Model Innovation process that emphasizes customer validation early in the innovation cycle. Our all-digital, online tools combine process management, a library for 24/7 delivery of educational materials and work archive, dashboards for team and program metrics and performance, and reliable, business outcomes:  fully developed business plans, vetted and ready for launch.

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4-day Innovation Sprint

We created the 4-day Innovation Sprint in response to customers asking for a way to deliver validated, weekly ideas to executive management, in support of greater corporate agility. Our 4-day program can be run independently or on a repeated weekly basis. In times of significant market, environment or competitive shifts, this 4-day cycle can be used to develop fast, nimble market response. 

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