Our team of experts

We have helped global organizations like UC Berkeley, Eli Lilly, the National Science Foundation, and Bosch build a repeatable, scalable business processes that finds new business opportunities, tests those with customers, and scales the winners to deliver revenue, growth and competitive advantage.



Andre Marquis


Andre is the CEO of Hypershift, Founder of the Innovation Acceleration Group at the University of California Berkeley and former Executive Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship there. He scaled the Haas School of Business innovation ecosystem from 12 startups in a one room incubator to over 260 global innovation teams in just three years. Andre co-founded the Chorus Group at Eli LIlly in the early 2000s, which now accounts for half of Lilly's new product pipeline and showed that Agile and Lean works even in highly regulated industries. He has been a Founder or first management of startups with a combined 3 public stock offerings, a $200m acquisition by amazon.com and, most recently, a biotech that raised over $200m.




Nick O'Connor 

VP of Program and Customer Success

Nick is the VP of Program and Customer Success at Hypershift. He also leads Alchemist X at the The Alchemist Accelerator where he helps executives at big companies enhance their innovation strategy (acquisition, partnerships and internal innovation). Over the past 5 years, he has completed 25, 3 to 6-month programs for companies like Citrix, Red Hat, Cisco, NetApp, Ericsson, AT&T, SanDisk, BD, Tata Telco, ZF, NEC for >200 startup teams ( ~100 internal teams). Program results include many successful startup partnerships, new internal solutions, new businesses and spin outs. Previously Nick founded or has been an early employee in 3 startups and also worked with a number of startups, some were very successful like Wildfire ( acquired by google in 2012)  Roominate Toy (acquired by play monster in 2016) and Nascent Objects  ( acquired by facebook in 2016). Nick is also an angel investor.




Robert Freedman

VP Products

Robert is the VP of Products at Hypershift, responsible for delivering our innovative AgileBMI platform and services to customers. Robert has been a founder and executive in several acquired startups. Most recently he led the hardware team at Accomplio, delivering agile hardware development for IoT products. Previously he led web/apps at semiconductor firm Telegent, and led product and services teams at Certus, RightWorks, and other SAAS startups. Robert has also held leadership roles at Method Design, Ernst & Young and Oracle.




Manav Subodh

General Manager, Asia

Manav is General Manager of Hypershift's Asia region, responsible for delivering AgileBMI to the fastest growing innovation region in the world. Manav is most recently the co-founder of 1M1B (A Million for A Billion), an initiative to activate a million young leaders & entrepreneurs who will drive a billion people out of poverty in the Caribbean, Ghana, India, Vietnam, and USA. He was featured in Forbes as "The Man Who Will Help 1 Billion People." In 2016, Manav led the creation of the first Smart Village, an accelerator for local job creation and providing last mile as a service to startups, which is now being replicated to thousands of villages in India as Startup GuruKool. Manav has also worked in the corporate sector with Intel, Ernst & Young, Hughes and QAI. At Intel, he worked as a Global Director for entrepreneurship in over 30 countries and later led mentoring and incubation for Intel CEO's inspired "Make it Wearable" program.