Accelerate innovation output with our Platform 

for Innovation Performance Management (IPM)




We help corporate innovation teams accelerate successful and reliable delivery of new lines of business.


Our platform focuses on customer-driven validation throughout the business model innovation process, enabling companies to stop over-investment in less valuable ideas and allowing winning ideas to emerge.


Our realtime metrics allow data-driven management of team activity and the innovation pipeline, and an executive view of benchmarked innovation performance.


Our all-digital process makes it easy to engage global innovation teams. And, efficiency means that you can increase your innovation pipeline throughput with the same resources. 


Good ideas are already present inside companies. Our process harnesses untapped creativity with extremely high reviews from participants. 


Creative technology and communication concept as an open door light bulb transferring gears and cogs.Business metaphor for downloading or uploading innovation solutions.

A Customer Validation-Centered Process

Our platform drives systematic metrics-based evaluation of business model ideas generated by employees.  Our agile Business Model Innovation process builds in customer validation early as a prerequisite to more expensive activities, such as prototyping.  Many teams use customer validation to refine or pivot their ideas, improving outcomes. The result:

  • Customer validation, early on, matches idea to market and identifies projects that should be stopped
  • Metrics allow for consistency in quality and approach to evaluation
  • Systematic approach improves team efficiency

A Digital Library for Education and Archiving

Teams don't automatically know what the key steps are in taking a concept from idea to business plan. Our library captures best practices, with documents and videos that take teams through every step of the way.  Our library is also used to store and archive team work product, so that previous examples can be accessed and referenced later. 

  • On-line videos and tutorials for taking teams through each step of the process
  • Archival of team work product for easy access and history
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Dashboards for Management Visibility

Dashboards provide realtime visibility into the status of teams, which steps they've completed, and how many teams are in each phase of the CIM process.  This gives managers an instant view of innovation velocity, what adjustments are needed to ensure delivery of target new business growth, and how companies are performing relative to benchmarks.

Market-Validated New Lines of Business

The outcome of work product conducted on the Hypershift platform is market-ready new lines of business.  You can't "pick winners," but you can let them emerge through systematic validation.  The work conducted as part of our platform's process results in market-ready business plans, primed to contribute to corporate growth.

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Don't just take our word for it - take a look at Bosch as an example of the

transformational impact Hypershift IPM can have on a global innovation program.

Revenue Growth

  • > 10 scaling, revenue-generating businesses / year with €100m potential each


Innovation Pipeline

  • Internal innovation pipeline increased from 10 to more than 200 global opportunities/year


Cost Savings

  • Run by 4 Bosch FTEs, saving > €100m/year compared to traditional product development


Hypershift IPM is delivered using all online, digital tools that are already found within most large organizations.  The benefits of this delivery include:  

  • 24/7 access to library tools and training 
  • Realtime insight to team activity and performance
  • Team collaboration and tracking
  • Global participation with ease
  • No costly implementation


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