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AgileBMI: Disruption That Delivers Results

The goal of Enterprise Disruption Management (EDM) is a measurable, effective company-wide innovation process, but it takes steps to get there. We provide tools, services, and our AgileBMI platform, running on Atlassian Jira, to help your organization grow from your current state to that ultimate goal.

We call this Enterprise Disruption because the AgileBMI process provides a feedback loop that informs how your organization determines and implements strategy, disrupting old ways of doing business from within, where you have control, rather than from without, by the market and competitors.

Today's corporate strategy is often guesswork as to where the business should focus in the future. By implementing an AgileBMI process to validate strategic objectives, your organization can start to measure the success of those objectives, and adjust overall strategy based on lessons learned. 

By testing dozens to hundreds of business models using AgileBMI, innovation becomes a standard business process -- one that delivers significant success and revenue while saving time, money and effort versus non-productive initiatives that don't lead to successful outcomes.

We offer a range of options for getting started on your journey to fully embrace EDM corporate-wide as leading organizations like Bosch have done.

Self-Help to Get Started

We offer a self-assessment, and a range of online courses, as well as tailored consulting workshops to get your organization started in understanding EDM and AgileBMI, preparing your organization for a larger AgileBMI effort, and setting the foundation for EDM.

AgileBMI Platform

Our AgileBMI platform provides a "CRM for Innovation." We run on Atlassian Jira, which can be accessed in the cloud or installed behind your corporate firewall. As most major corporations run Jira, it may be just an add-on to Jira to install Hypershift AgileBMI on your servers. Please contact us to learn more or see a demo of AgileBMI in action.

Expert Consulting

As with any business process, your employees need to own it. We get that, and our objective is to leave your team in charge of your future. That said, we offer a full range of strategic, implementation, and specialty consulting to help you get up and running, and seeing results quickly. Services are typically delivered online with only occasional onsite time required. Please contact us to learn more.